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    1. Huaxia Landscape——About

      Wuxi Huaxia Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, has always been people-oriented, is a professional construction team of senior designerssupport.

      The company is located in the beautiful scenery ofJiangnan famous historical and cultural city, Chinaexcellent tourism city of Wuxi city. And Grand Buddha at Lingshan national 5A tourism scenic spots, borders the Turtle Head Islet. Is a company engaged in garden construction, specialized enterprises private gardenconstruction, the company registered capital of 2050000 yuan, assets of 20000000 yuan.

      Your need, is our pursuit; your satisfaction, is our goal.Six years my company contracted with characteristics of the southern pavilions, terraces and open halls,rockeries, fountains, landscaping, greening and othervarious pavement engineering in Jiangsu province. Mainly manifests for the modern style, classical style, westernstyle three series, created the different sizes of the dangerous mountain Xiushui bridge, pavilion chair, for each customer to create a home furnishing style chic,elegant scenery landscape of human. Such as: buildinggreen construction in various places, green square,residential, villas and industrial and mining enterprises,schools, government agencies and road; fountain rockery Pavilion, garden building, green conservationmanagement, nursery stock, flowers, bonsai production sales, leasing.

      The company has strong technical strength, has the help,senior titles, 16 professional and technical personnel. Ateam of experienced construction team to sign theconstruction experience, carefully planning and design,the strict and efficient management, rich, with the continuous improvement of management mechanism,market demand continued to grow, increasing people's standard of living, our company has been growing in thegarden greening construction.

      All my colleagues in the company: quality first, reputation based, customer first service philosophy, and constantly open up the development of the market, for the development of the motherland's gardens and create brilliance. Choose us, you choose the exquisite andsatisfaction; with your support, our cause will flourish.

      Business purpose: re quality, Shou credibility, efficiency,and development

      Careful Maintenance——Beautiful Landscaping



      Landscaping -- 3 points planting

      7, green conservation management!

      Planted in the botanical garden afforestation are living plants, the company after high standard construction in the management of plant maintenance value;

      Before management, virescence maintenance to first understand plant type and a variety of features and characteristics;

      Key to pay special attention to the fertilizer, water, disease, insect, cut the virescence maintenance management of five aspects;


      Let your landscaping as beautiful!

      We will give to long after the expiration of the maintenance of professional technical guidance and professional knowledge, the interpretation of allows you to save money and worry.

      Create a permanent green for you, let you spend in the garden flowers every beautiful sight.

      Products and Maintenance
      Garden project cases show
      Company:Wuxi huaxia landscape enginessxing Co.,Ltd
      Address:Wuxi city binhu district hubin road, room 615, No. 623